Burning man, Burning man, Burning man. Many people are all talking about it from all over the world. The festival near the bay area attracts thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life including even CEOs from major firms such as Google and other Silicon Valley legends. The term slab city, the key term for this years festival, is already trending on google.  From crazy fire ceremonies to music and sand storms these festivals have it all for those lucky enough to go. It may cost you a pretty penny to get in and enjoy it but once you are there the very vibe of the event may keep you in a trance.


Many are known for the great outfits and costumes that are worn during this event and all ages are welcome from young to old. People are known to even parachute into this event, which actually gets you in for free should you choose that method of travel! Definitely go on their website and on youtube to get an idea of this great event. I have never been to Burning Man yet but know many people who have and always speak wonders of it. It can be an amazing magical experience that we recommend to all!



Get more Info about Burning Man on the official websitehttp://www.burningman.com/