For those of you who are relatively young still, perhaps lets say 16-24 ( sorry boomers), you will have almost for certain have heard of Blink 182 by this point. Although in recent years the band members had separated somewhat to focus on their own careers whether as individuals or other bands, they have recently come together again for another tour and cd.

Many of you long term hardcore Blink fans may remember the band members but for those of you who do not the group consists of:

Guitarist and VocalistTom Delonge
Bassist and VocalsMark Hoppus
Drummer ExtraordinaireTravis Barker

The band has produced many hits throughout our time from fast up beat and speedy tempo’d songs such as First Date and All The Small Things to slower more mellow ones like Miss You and Adam Song. I have personally been to a show of theirs at the Verizon Amphiteater in Irvine, Ca some time ago with Jimmy Eat World opening for them and Green Day and must say it was an awesome show. Blink 182 is going to be one of those bands that people will associate with the late 90’s and early 2000’s as symbol of the time for our generation. At 23, I have already seen a plethora of bands come into and out of the spotlight as well as a fair share of one hit wonders; but have to defend Blink as a band that has been consistent throughout the years. Although they have “broken up” several times and gotten back together for CD’s and tours, they have still been very consistent with their hits.

A quick youtube search for blink 182 will reveal that some of the first videos that come up have over 20 million views each in the Blink182 Vevo Channel. This shows that their fans are still quite loyal and interested in seeing the band perform and love the music. Youtube did not start their VEVO program until about a year or two ago for the most part so that means that Blink has been able to accumulate all of these hits on those channels just within the past year or two alone as compared to their other youtube videos that have been there for many years.

The band is still reputable as well for major brands such as Honda to want to market through them. In a recent video advertisment they are serving through their youtube/vevo videos They ask you to follow their upcoming tour on with My Chemical Romance on twitter or facebook. Their tour page can be found at:

The bands main members have also started brands of their own such as Famous Stars and Straps and other famous bands such as +44. Mark Hoppus the bassist started two companies: Atticus and Macbeth Athletics which he co-owned although has recently sold them as well as his site

The band members live on through their fans and continued plays on radio stations and in the hearts of long time fans such as me. Rock on blink, may you rise again!

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