Bing, the search engine competitor to Google, has been making many very interesting moves lately in the Online Search space and industry. Long time competitor Google has been very conservative about their public changes to their search engine keeping it a very static unchanging design of mainly their logo ( although they have several modifications they post to their logo all the time with fun designs ) and a search box. The technology behind Google is updated frequently with new features such as auto searching when you type and more; but also deserving of interest is some of the innovating happening behind is a by product of Microsoft furthering their existing Search Network ( live and Msn ) as well as their recent purchase of Yahoo! search technologies and they are taking it quite a different direction than google. When it comes to search results, both engines have fairly similar results. However, here at Global Good Group we especially like Bing right now due to the fact that they rank Global Good Group and Global Good Media on the very first page of their results when searching for the term “Global Good”. Google has some sort of ranking algorithm that is weakening our rank and making it more difficult to reach the world and help people, come on Google after all the love we have given you?!?!? Global Good Group is one of the most active, especially digitally in terms of content and promotion, organizations going after the Global Good market right now and Google’s algorithm must hold some grudge against the way we do things over here because it took us from the first page to the second ( not cool guys seriously ).

Anyways outside of our Global Good rankings rant, Bing is now known as being a “Decision Engine” where you can ask it certain questions and get answers based on the results it finds online. I have not myself gone too in depth with this feature and have only played around a little bit so I cannot give a fully clear picture as to some use cases but it is interesting none the less that we are able to “ask” a computer a very wide set of questions and receive some sort of automated answer based on the world’s real time and always updating data!

It is good that Microsoft has come in to the search market with more energy because competition is healthy in every industry and Google definitely needs to have a stronger competitor, not that they do not innovate already a great deal, but it keeps the market fair to everybody and helps protect us from creating monopolies that can end up hurting us. Microsoft has also gone into over drive when it comes to marketing their search engine as Bing has showed up everywhere from online ads to music videos and even commercials. With computing power becoming more economically affordable, especially with offerings such as Amazon Web Services ( AWS ), we should see a whole new lineup of players come into this market even if they start off niche and build up to compete for real market share.