AT&T, a company that makes billions of dollars every year, is giving back to the world through its new challenge / contest that it is holding. The concept is to give the winner $20K and the next level down $5K for those who can create some form of environmental or eco friendly benefit through a mobile application.

So whether this means that you create an app that helps you monitor your gas emissions or your home energy usage you can let the sky be the limit to your creativity. Seeing as my father is an environmental lawyer ( Bois & Macdonald – ) I have been raised with a very eco-friendly consciunce so it makes me very happy to see good causes such as this going on where big corporations get the masses developing and innovating for social good and for the benefit of the world.

Seeing as there are so many apps out there that are purely entertainment whether they are games or just magazine articles, I am glad that a bigger percentage of them may soon be influenced by something that gives back to the world and can help change things. All it takes is the right application and everything can change, lets rock!

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