According to several articles on Austria based websites including the, Arnold or as many refer to him, “Arnie”, is back in Austria after landing at the Vienna International Airport ( VIA or VIE ).

Arnold is having to fight to win back his positive image with his fans and followers across the world after having gotten caught for his illegitimate child he had with a maid several years ago that has now just surfaced. Arnie had not told his wife either which made things go really bad for him when the news got out to the world.

Arnold has served California as the governor for many years and is now 63 years old but still kicking and has still played major characters in major movies such as the Terminator series even quite recently. During his trip he had time to show appreciation to all of his colleagues and friends in Austria who had helped him along the way and given support when it was needed. He also thanked the Austrian press for being “fair” to him throughout the years.

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