One of our competitors GlobalGoodNews recently had an interesting blurb about the US Obama administration urging new wilderness protection. This is good to hear because we do not want to see all of the worlds’ lands completely overrun by buildings and landlords and mass populations… we have already developed our world too much as is! According to the article there will be 18 new wilderness and conservation areas within nine different Western states. The secretary of the interior is helping to head some of this debate and new laws as to protect our wilderness. Seeing as my father is an Environmental Attorney I have always felt quite a strong connection to the land and environment domestically in the USA but always still had ties to the international lands. Now with my close ties with the Global Good Network, as an executive, I feel even more passionately and strongly about protecting the worlds’ lands and air. From protecting peoples’ foods supplies to just straight protecting what is some of the most beautiful landmarks and parks in the world I feel this is absolutely essential.
It is bad enough that we have already taken as much oil as we have from the world, a resource that is quite near its depletion, but taking more of the land is just bad. I am not saying we must return to Native American and Indian times of only living off the land without any electronics or technology but feel that we need to retreat back to some more sustainable levels whether that be our trash output, energy and resource usage, or anything else that is not long term. We are hoping to introduce a feature in the future for online voting / e-voting and polling that will allow our members to petition and vote on important laws online at our Global Good website so that we can bring the power of the people together to make legal things happen much faster. Lets go Global Good World!