Key Features

Advanced Tracking
Enterprise level features give you the ability to track nearly every aspect of your traffic such as keywords that brought the traffic your website and where the users went while on your website, for howlong, which content they consumed most, and even sometimes what link they left from.

Automated Reports
Don’t have time to be logging in and checking your site’s stats everyday? We understand your busy schedule and ensure that automated reports can be setup, or customized manual reports can be made by C4C staff and e-mailed to you at set intervals.



Expert Guidance
Experienced team members can help you analyze what the statistics are really saying about your website and visitors and give you concrete advice for next steps and recommended actions.

Trusted Technologies
Your critical traffic and user behavior information is secure and safe on the industries leading analytical platforms. Depending on the scope and needs of a given project we will either use a cost effective solution such as Google Analytics or embark on a major project with Omniture.

Optional Services

Weekly/Monthly Ongoing Consulting
Keep your marketing team focused with weekly and monthly consultations from C4C Media about your sites status along with recommended steps.

Full Network Monitoring
Have us fully monitor each and every one of your websites, landing pages, applications, e-commerce stores, and advertising campaigns to find all of the important relevant information that can be extracted and have us then optimize your pages further.


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