Alicia Keys recently put out a mini video discussing why she turned to Tumblr. The Grammy award winning sensation is a great person to listen to as she has been in the industry for a while and been at the forefront of major marketing campaigns and had large numbers throughout her other channels which have helped add to her success. Tumblr if you are not familiar with it is an easy way to share pictures and thoughts like that with the rest of the world in an easy way where people can see the images and post them as well. It is a more visual tool to represent your life and your thoughts and is really quite fun, we even use it here over at the Global Good Network!

She later discusses how she looks at social media s a lot like music and explain that it can be “very personal and intimate” and she is among many other celebrities that are using social media to connect with their fans and support groups.

Other similar services such as Instagram exist ( this one in particular is only for iPhone ) and have some very big potential. Remember to add us on Instagram: GlobalGood

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