For many of our Global Good readers and followers, time may be a luxury that you have an ample supply of and should you need to kill some of that time, we direct you to Although I have only played a few of the games on the site, I must say that many of them are well, quite Addicting, and can help pass the time a bit better than staring at the second hand on the clock ( I don’t do that or anything just saying ).

The one game that I have played quite a bit and have some fun with is Mini Putt. This ingenious game can engulf you into a new world environment in a few minutes once you get the hang of it! Every time you play the game you will want to better your score and see if you can get hole in ones. It is possible on a great deal of the levels to get the beloved hole in one but you just have to practice and get your skills up. I suggest checking it out because I have had some fun with this in Highschool and College and even once in a while these days!

Check out Mini Putt at: