In the far east a once booming oil industry has led to all sorts of other growth in markets such as real estate, luxury goods, consumer products, food staples, and much more and now more than ever those industries are increasing. As Oil’s future becomes more dim and future profits are forecasting down as supply begins to diminish over time they must look other places to spread and grow wealth in the future. The wealthy capital of the United Arab Emirates is none other than Abu Dhabi and it is not immune from what is going on with Oil over there but it is working on creating new markets for investment.
However, similar to some of the building problems in Dubai, they may have been over zealous and wide eyed. Some of the projects going on are starting to see delays whether in funding or available construction or material availability. It is a difficult thing to “create” new booming areas out of previously non existent or lesser markets even with some demand there. it always carries some risk. Dubai’s fall showed that just showering a city with mass investment was not a recipe for success and just as with any bubble type economic situation… the bubble bursts. It really comes from “following the herd” and generally by the time the general public all knows about a great investment whether that be “buying gold now” to defend what may happen in a crashed economy in the US or buying some sort of stock; there is rarely something that “everybody” can hop onto without their being some big damages and masses that do not make the break into the profitable zone and lose everything on their big dream investments that seemed so golden, ripe, and ready for dollars to be thrown in.
At the Global Good Network, we want to see cities and governments thrive and just encourage responsible investing and looking outside of the herd for your investment decisions. Josh Bois, Global Good Exec signing off