50 Cent discusses the “altercation” between Ray J and Fabolous. 50 cent is known for usually starting trouble and “beefs” or feuds between him and other high profile entertainers such as The Game was actually the peacekeeper recently when he had to step in between these two singers to stop them from fighting. Apparently nobody was hurt and although there was a swing or two to my knowledge there was no physical contact that actually came of it. 

The artists were apparently up in heat over some twitter comments that had been posted recently. Ray J who is known for his R&B music and calmer attitude got very angry over the situation. 50 Cent mentioned about Ray J that, “I think he had a little bit of juice in him, They look at Ray J like you an R&B singer, but that night he didn’t feel like he was an R&B singer”.

Some rumors are that 50 cent was an instigator of the incident because he gave Ray J the courage to start the confrontation although 50 denies it and says he was innocent and just happened to be there.


50 Cent Calls Funkmaster Flex…The Truth Behind The Fabolous and Ray J Altercation
Watch on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufefihbF7bA

Fabolous responds to Ray J video on Youtube ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbHKHPZaKKs )
DESCRIPTION: Fabolous responding to Ray J claims that he smacked him on Power 105 with DJ Clue

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