405 Freeway

405 Freeway

The 405 freeway is known as one of California’s main freeways which helps connect Los Angeles and Orange County. The freeway parallels the 5 freeway which is the main artery of California’s freeways as it connects nearly the entire state via a nearly straight shot from the tip top of Northern California all the way to the border of California’s southern area which bleeds into Mexico. The 405 goes north of Los Angeles where it eventually connects back with the 5 freeway and it extends south all the way to Irvine, Ca where it merges back into the 5 freeway again right next to the Irvine Spectrum, a well known outdoor mall area south of the famous South Coast Plaza. (Photo Credit: Storm Crypt)

The freeway will be closed on July 15-18, 2011

The affected zones will be:
Northbound I-405 with a 10 mile closure between the I-10 and the US 101 Freeway

Southbound I-405 with a 4 mile closure between US 101 and Getty Center Drive Ramps

As thousands and thousands of people use these freeways it can cause some traffic problems as people have to find alternative routes to get to their destinations but all in all the detours are being setup ahead of time and it really is only a 3 day window which is not bad. Importantly for me and those who also live in Orange County, we will be mostly unaffected as the areas of closure are primarily in Los Angeles County outside of our normal commute such as from home to the Global Good offices.

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