Well it is official, we are all still alive and it is 2012 now. Some have predicted some really bad stuff to happen right on 2012 and luckily we are able to successfully say that we have all made it… at least to Jan 1, 2012!!! Interesting articles like this one called “No Doomsday in 2012” on UniverseToday.com HERE has some good perspective and points on why there will be no “Doomsday”. So keep your credit good, your friends and family happy, and keep moving on with your life there is no reason to let all of this silly talk distract you from your life.

The author at UniverseToday brings up many great points such as that the Mayan calendar was based off of things such as religion, astrological myth, and other similar items and was used for things such as agricultural production. Furthermore he points out that the Mayans may have been pointing to some sort of great enlightenment or miracle happening at the end of the calendar not necessarily something “sinister” such as the end of the planet! Later on he goes into some discussion about how unreasonable many of the popular threats to the end of the world are and how much evidence is against them actually happening.. in fact he said he was shocked at how much traction they had gained when there is so much clear evidence proving them wrong. A great point that he brings up is that perhaps the end of the Mayan Calendar which is is just signifying a point in time when it is reset back to or that it is just meant to continue onto something such as before being reset. Even in our traditional cultures…. for example New Years…. we just go back to January 1st rather than everything ending.

The real point is that there is a lot of injustice in the world right now and there is no reason to turn inward and be selfish thinking the world will end; let us keep changing the Global Good World day by day.

That’s it folks!