Ah, the great automobile. It takes us around, it makes us feel good as we drive down the freeway with the windows open, it tingles our ears with great mids and lows from the bass, and enables us to see our friends and family. Do we give this beautiful invention enough credit for everything it does for us? I am not sure we do, but today on the Global Good Auto section of GGG we are going to give it that credit! And do you know why we are giving it this special credit? Because the automobile has just reached its 125th birthday yay! So to all of you cars reading with your beautiful wood trims and sexy wheels, fast ZR rated tires, or conservative toned down interiors this is for you!

Germany, the country known for housing some of the World’s most famous performance auto brands including but not limited to BMW ( my favorite ), Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche is celebrating this milestone in many ways. One such type of commemoration is through the auto museums all throughout the country that are celebrating this great moment. Check out the article at the bottom which has a really cool picture of the Porsche museum that is also a part of this celebration. (Photo Credit: Automotive Rhythms)

Read More about BMW ( YUM! ), Mercedez ( Pretty Yummy) and Porsche ( Cool but Like Beamers Better ) on driving.ca a part of the Canda.com Network at: http://www.driving.ca/news/Celebrate+auto+royalty+Germany/5058679/story.html